About Ponteix

The town of Ponteix is a vibrant and progressive community of approximately 600 people, located in southwest Saskatchewan. Nestled in a small valley near the Notukeu Creek. 

Originally located on the north side of Notukeu Creek, Notre Dame d'Auvergne was founded in 1908 by Father Albert Marie Royer, a French priest from Auvergne, France and named  in honor of the Holy Virgin Mary and fulfilling a promise to his Bishop. Along with a group of French and Canadian settlers, Father Royer saw that the small community would grow and attract many homesteaders and entrepreneurs from various parts of the world. 

When the railway arrived in 1913, contrary to the original plan, it was routed on the south side of the Notukeu Creek thus the young settlement was relocated, knowing that the rail system would be integral for future prosperity.  Father Royer chose Ponteix as the new name for the relocated community, a parish in which he had served in Ponteix, Auvergne France. Photo top right: the plaque marking the original location of the townsite.

The new community continued to grow and prosper through good times and bad. Settlers brought with them many different cultures, languages and traditions but this diversity has developed resilience in this community and is evident through its population and institutions. This French settlement like many others was influenced by the clergy. The advent of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Chambriac provided education for the children and care for the sick. The Sisters constructed a convent and a hospital. The later provided invaluable care during the Spanish Flu epidemic. 1927 marked the beginning of the construction of the new and unique catholic church, a must to visit when in Ponteix. 1929 not only was the beginning of the great depression but also is remembered as the start of the Dirty Thirties. Many settlers relocated during those years and those who remained are living proof of their tenacity and belief in the community.

Today, Ponteix is rich in cultural and bilingual history and is the focal point for the surrounding prairie farming and ranching community with agricultural-related businesses in operation. The business community encompasses a trading area of approximately 3,500 people.

There are many good reasons to choose to locate in Ponteix. The community offers a clean, safe and serene environment with numerous services and amenities of a diverse business community. The Town has a complete infrastructure system capable of accomodating everyones' needs that also include all paved streets and beautifully well maintained green and recreation areas.
The community offers an abundance of residency and business options and opportunities.  Ponteix also offers excellent health, fire, ambulance, police and educational services that include Day Care, a Francophone School and a Public School.